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Here is a selection of denim that you can choose from at Custom Bridge.

  • 01 denim(13.5oz)
  • 02 denim(14oz)
  • 70s denim(13.5oz)
  • 47 denim(13.7oz)※Out of stock. Next stock is undecided.
  • DB22 denim (13.5oz)

DB18 denim and DB19 denim are now sold out. There are no plans to re-produce the exact same denim.


Comparison of color tones

I photographed them side by side. 1wash condition.

Comparison of weaving conditions

The weave of the denim can be easily seen from the back.

Front of the denim.

Comparison of fading

Shot from the same angle

I took pictures of the four pairs I wore.
I can’t simply compare them because they are worn in different ways, but I hope you can get a sense of the characteristics of each fabric.

From the back left, 01 denim, 02 denim, DB18 denim
DB19 denim in the foreground

01 denim

02 denim

DB18 denim

DB19 denim

Fading samples

01 denim fading sample

02 denim fading sample

A detailed explanation of 02 Denim can be found here.

47 denim fading sample

70s denim fading sample

DB18 denim fading sample

DB19 denim fading sample