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Introducing the cut that can be selected with a custom bridge and its size chart.

Be sure to check the “How to measure” and “Notes on choosing your size” below.
There are three different cuts available.

  • 02Cut(Wide straight)
  • 04Cut(Tapered)
  • 05Cut(Regular straight)
  • 06Cut (Slim straight)

02Cut(Wide straight)

It is a Cut close to the 50’s LEVI’S 50XX.

04Cut (Tapered)

Slightly slender overall, tapering from the knee to the hem.

If the hem is too narrow, we recommend using the “Hem Width Custom” to widen the hem to make it look straighter.

05Cut(Regular straight)

It cuts well from the hips to the hem and is a beautiful fit to wear.

06Cut (Slim straight)

Shallow rise, small hips, slim leg line

How to measure

Please refer to the link for how to measure each size.

Size charts for each fit

The products are sold in unwashed condition, but for your size selection, we have made a size chart with the estimated values after washing.

The bridge is made of a fabric called KIBATA, which has a very unstable shrinkage rate.
Therefore, the following numbers are approximate.

Please be sure to check “How to measure the size of bridge jeans” before referring to the numbers on the size chart.

02Cut (Wide straight) Size Chart

Measurements after washing

Front Rise(cm)29303030.530.530.5313131.532
Back Rise(cm)33.5343434.534.534.5353535.536

04Cut (Tapered) Size Chart

Measurements after washing

Front Rise(cm)2727.52828.52929.53030.53131.5323334
Back Rise(cm)3232.53333.53434.53535.53636.5373839

05Cut (Regular straight) Size Chart

Measurements after washing

Front Rise(cm) 2727.52828.52929.53030.53131.5323334
Back Rise (cm) 3232.53333.53434.53535.53636.5373839
Thigh (cm) 28.228.829.43030.631.231.832.43333.634.235.436.6
Knee (cm) 1919.419.820.220.62121.421.822.222.62323.423.4
Hem (cm) 17.417.71818.318.618.919.219.519.820.120.420.420.4
Inseam (cm) 87878787878787878787878787

06Cut(Slim straight)のサイズチャート

Front Rise(cm)24.825.325.826.326.827.327.828.328.829.329.830.831.8
Back Rise (cm)29.830.330.831.331.832.332.833.333.834.334.835.836.8
Thigh (cm)26.42727.628.228.829.43030.631.231.832.433.634.8
Knee (cm)1817.418.819.219.62020.420.821.221.62222.422.4
Hem (cm)16.516.817.117.417.71818.318.618.919.219.519.519.5
Inseam (cm)87878787878787878787878787

Notes on choosing your size

“bridge jeans” is made of a very unstable fabric called KIBATA.  This fabric shrinks and twists when washed. So it is impossible to measure each part exactly. The numbers in the size chart are approximate.

Don’t think of it as, “This brand is X inches, so the bridge should be X inches, too.” Even if the same waist is indicated, the actual size varies from brand to brand.
Please follow the instructions below to measure and compare with the size chart before placing your order.

About hemming

If you would like to have your jeans hemmed, please let us know what your inseam will be when they shrink.
We will calculate the shrinkage rate and hem the jeans.