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What is bridge Quick Order?

Simple order jeans, just choose the denim and cut.

Think of it as a simple version of the Custom bridge.
In the quick order, the specifications you can choose are limited to denim and cut, and the rest are standard bridge specifications.
We have increased our productivity by making a batch of products with the same specifications, and in doing so, we have reduced the price to as low as 23,000 yen.
For this reason, we cannot accept any customization. Thank you for your understanding.

Production schedule at present

Late June




  • Made-to-order
  • Price: 23,000 yen +shipping cost(DHL, FedEx, EMS)
  • How to order: Order by e-mail.
  • Denim: 4 types: 01 denim, 02 denim, 70s denim, 47 denim
  • Cut: 3 types: 02cut (wide straight), 04cut (tapered), 05cut (regular straight)
  • Size: W26,(27),28,29,30,31,32,33,34,(35),36,38,(40) *02 cut does not have size ().
  • Sold in unwashed condition
  • Sewing: Shingo( denim bridge owner)
  • Specs: Kibata selvedge denim, leather patches, rayon tabs, button fly, punched rivets, hidden rivets, etc.
Overseas shipping cost
  • Asia: 3,300 yen
  • Oceania: 4,000 yen
  • North America: 4,000 yen
  • Europe: 3,900 yen

How to Order

Please contact us via the order form.

You can also contact us via e-mail. E-mail:
Please specify “your country”, “cut”, “size” and “denim”.


I will send you an invoice email from PayPal just before production.

Types of denim

It is the same as Custom bridge, please refer to the following link.

Types of cut

It is the same as Custom bridge, please refer to the following link.

Fit customization is not available for quick orders.

Basic Specifications

Production Environment

Created by Shingo, the owner of denim bridge.
The location is “DENIM-BASE“, a base of activities opened in October 2018.
Everything from cutting, sewing, and finishing is done here.

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Our commitment to production

I make jeans so that they will have a three-dimensional look when the color fades.
I pay attention to everything in the production process, from the selection of thread, adjustment of the sewing machine, tension, and handing.

<Back yoke>

When washed


<Side seam>

<Hidden rivet>

Front button



Belt loop

Coin pocket

The coin pocket mouth is made of selvedge.

Stitching around the perimeter of the back pocket

The pitch of the stitching is made wider to give an uneven appearance.

Example of a stitch with a narrow pitch and no unevenness.

There is even more attention to detail in the stitching.
Look at the corners.

The threads tend to break easily. That’s why I make the pitch finer to increase the strength.

In this way, a balance is struck between strength and unevenness.

Similarly, the sides of the hidden rivets, which are subject to loads, are also sewn with a fine pitch.


The thick thread gives it strength.

Turn stitch

The needle is turned without pulling it out.

Stitching on the side of the waist

The thick thread gives a strong impression.

The end of the seam is tied on the back side without backstitching.

A mechanism to enjoy changes over time

Leather patch

Made of “Minerva Liscio” a luxury leather from Italy.
The color is yellow.
It is essentially used for leather goods such as wallets and bags.
It is a leather that changes wonderfully with age.

Since the leather changes rapidly over time, it is covered with a shade cloth to protect it from sunlight and scratches.
It will be delivered to you in as pristine condition as possible, so please enjoy the aging process from the moment you remove the shade cloth.

Top button

This is an original button made of iron material.


Fading of stitches

Most of them are sewn with cotton thread so that you can enjoy the fading of the stitches as well as the denim.

The back pocket stitching, which resembles a bridge, is made with two colors of cotton thread.
As the fabric is washed, the color will fade and the difference between the two colors will disappear.


The stitching on the back yoke is also two-color.

Trace of thread

The pitch of the stitches is made finer to make it harder to break.

Until the color of the denim fades, the thread should be as unbroken as possible.
By the time the thread breaks, the denim will have faded and the stitch marks will appear.


Rayon tab

This tab is made of rayon, so they will curl or fold when washed.



When new, it is a shiny copper color.

The color of these rivets will dull over time.

Please feel free to ask questions.

Please contact us via e-mail or the contact form. E-mail: